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Al Hamra offers a wide range of high quality building and construction specialty materials, such as waterproofing materials, sports and industrial flooring products, structural repair, sealant, bonding agents and additives, concrete protective systems, construction chemicals and represents many Factories of high reputation worldwide.
Al Hamra holds large stocks of special materials at stores, ready for immediate delivery to customers and construction sites.
Company: Vandex
Origin: Germany
Scope: Crystalline Waterproofing & Cementitious waterproofing
materials, elasticized waterproofing
slurry, waterproofing & repairing
mortars, drinking water and sewage tanks waterproofing, old
building refurbishment products,
flexible joint tapes & special waterstops.
Company: Tremco
Origin: USA
Scope: Waterproofing materials, construction chemicals, epoxy & polyurethane traffic coatings, sealants, FireStop sealants, waterstops & air barrier systems.

Company: Herculan Sports Surfaces BV
Origin: Netherlands
Scope: Rubber Sports Flooring for all sport facilities.
Company: Herculan Synthetic Products BV
Origin: Netherlands
Scope: Decorative & Architectural flooring, industrial flooring.

Company: Action Floor Systems LLC
Origin: USA
Scope: Athletic Wooden flooring systems.
Company: Henkel Polybit
Origin: Germany - UAE
Scope: Waterproofing materials, construction chemicals, flooring epoxy coatings, structural repairs, sealants, bonding agent & additives, grouts and anchors, tile adhesives, External Insulation & Finish System (EIFS).
Company: Asteknik Muhendislik
Origin: Turkey
Scope: Expansion joints profiles, Decorative Profiles, Wall & Corner Guards.
Company: Dr. FIXIT
Origin: UAE
Scope: Waterproofing materials, construction chemicals, flooring epoxy coatings, structural repairs, sealants, bonding agent & additives, grouts and anchors & tile adhesives.
Origin: Turkey
Scope: Artificial turf for football pitches, tennis courts and landscaping.
Company: Urosan Mobilya
Origin: Turkey
Scope: High Quality Seating for Auditoriums, conference Halls, Cinemas, University Halls and VIP Seats for Arenas.
Company: De neef
Origin: Belgium
Scope: Waterproofing injection resins, injection equipment & soil injection materials.
Company: DAMTEC
Origin: Germany
Scope: High quality Acoustic insulation & vibration insulation products.
Company: Kraiburg
Origin: Germany
Scope: Rubber Sport Floors covering and elastic products.

Company: Ismat Rubber Products
Origin: UAE
Scope: Rubber protection products for car parks.

Company: Asoplast SPA
Origin: Italy
Scope: Civil & Sports drainage gutters.
Company: Lausin Y Vicente
Origin: Spain
Scope: Athletic & Sport Equipment.

Company: SealBoss
Origin: USA
Scope: Waterproofing injection resins & injection equipment.
Company: SMG GMBH
Origin: Germany
Scope: Artificial Turf Installation & maintenance equipment & sports rubber surfacing equipment.
Company: Romex RPG
Origin: Germany
Scope: Industrial floors coating systems, waterproofing polyurethane injection resins & floor fixing mortars.

Company: Switch Entertainment SA
Origin: Italy
Scope: Complete Bowling arenas , equipment and furniture.

Company: Hauraton
Origin: Germany
Scope: Drainage Gutters for Sport Facilities, civil works and Airports.

Company: HOLLMAN
Origin: USA
Scope: Squash & racquetball courts, wooden panels and glass rear walls.

Company: Decan Sports Equipment SL
Origin: Spain
Scope: Sport Equipment & Telescopic Bleachers.

Company: Nord Bitumi
Origin: Italy
Scope: Bituminous waterproofing membrane & acoustic insulation mats.
Company: Casali Group
Origin: Italy
Scope: Sports acrylic and polyurethane surfaces, waterproofing materials & membranes.

Origin: Spain
Scope: Arenas & Stadium Seats, VIP seats, Telescopic seats & Dismountable bleachers.
Company: SIPLAST
Origin: France
Scope: Waterproofing Membranes.