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The Commercial Division is an active and dynamic part in Al Hamra as it does not only serve the company's projects, but also extends its market to work with most of Kuwait's construction companies to execute works for their construction contracts focusing on various specialized activities like thermal and moisture protection, application of specialty materials and finishing activities.

The Division’s executive team is supported by several departments that combine to deliver unmatched and guaranteed results in all undertaken contracts. The Waterproofing, Roofing, Flooring and General Commercial Departments each have a group of professionals who carry out the estimation, engineering, procurement and execution phases. A special QA/QC team ensures that the quality of work executed should match and exceed the standards of our elite international agencies. 
Activities being performed by the Division are always essential and pivotal to the construction industry in Kuwait which makes Al Hamra a common denominator for many big scale projects (refer to commercial projects photo gallery for more information).

Representing many of the leading manufacturers of roofing and waterproofing materials, we succeeded in diversifying our services to cover most civil and architectural requirements to preserve the integrity of the structure while providing an aesthetical solution.
Our main activities in this Division include (and are not restricted to):

Al Hamra offers diverse waterproofing and composite roofing systems ranging from the classic MPW roofing to polyurethane based composite systems which could be also used as vehicular traffic water-proof coating for car-park roofs.

We offer customized and guaranteed waterproofing solutions according to the requirements of our clients for each project.


Basements and Substructures Waterproofing:
Al Hamra assists project designers and contractors to specify the most suitable waterproofing system based on the nature of the structure, location and the designated age of the facility.

We provide bituminous waterproofing, PVC, TPO membranes and our famous crystalline waterproofing system Vandex® (Switzerland).

Our special technical team is also ready to provide the most feasible and sustainable solutions for the maintenance and rehabilitation of structures with existing defects in waterproofing by polyurethane resins injection and/or application of Vandex® (Switzerland) special materials.

Swimming Pools, Fountains and Water Tanks:

Al Hamra offers various waterproofing solutions for swimming pools, planters, potable water tanks, irrigation water tanks and sewage tanks for both new and existing projects.

The waterproofing materials for such projects range from elasticized cementitious waterproofing materials such as Vandex® (Switzerland) to polyurethane based linings approved by NSF such as Tremco® (USA). 

Expansion Joints: 
Al Hamra offers a wide range of expansion joints solutions depending on the size, function and location of the joints.
Many types of sealants are available at our stores, each to serve different structural condition, such as polysulphide, polyurethane and silicone based sealants, jet fuel resistant sealants and fire-stopping sealants manufactured by Tremco® (USA).
Moreover, Al Hamra is the agent for Asteknik® (Turkey) who manufactures various range of expansion joints cover profiles in different shapes, materials and sizes.

Sport Facilities:
Al Hamra Sport Projects section excels in the design and execution of sport facilities and arenas according to International Sports Federation standards and regulations, such as FIFA, FIBA, ITF, WSF and IAAF.
Al Hamra engineers assist consultants and designers to find the proper solution for sports facilities. We present all types of sports flooring through Herculan® (Netherlands) and Action Floor Systems® (USA) and other renowned international agencies. Our projects cover all products such as artificial grass for soccer fields, wooden parquet for indoor halls, rubber flooring for training halls and outdoor courts, clay and acrylic cushioned playground for tennis courts, bowling arenas, squash & racquetball courts, running tracks and many other sports facilities.
Additionally, we execute all civil and electro-mechanical services related to sport facilities such as designing and building of seating platforms and telescopic bleachers, supply and installation of all types of sport equipment and seats certified by the International Federations and local authorities.

Industrial & Decorative Flooring:
Al Hamra offers all types of industrial, epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings manufactured by Tremco® (USA), Dr.Fixit® (UAE) and Romex® (Germany), designed for the use of car park buildings, warehouses, factories and power plants.

Furthermore we offer hygienic coatings for food and catering facilities and high performance decorative coatings for residential buildings, hospitals, offices and commercial centers through our highly renowned manufacturers Herculan® (Netherlands), StonHard® (USA) and Flowcrete® (UK). Moreover, access flooring solutions are also available with diverse types of flooring finishes.

External Insulation Finishing System: 
The External Insulation Finishing system is a composite cladding system, which provides weather resistance, thermal insulation with a wide grade of colors and textures. The system consists of an adhesive layer to fix the EPS insulation boards to the facades, a flexible fiber mesh embedded in the base coat which will provide the strength to the system and finally the finish coat which is high resistance to moisture and abrasion, available in acrylic or silicone based materials.
A manufacturer guarantee of 10 years can be granted for the projects being executed currently in the Gulf region.

Concrete repair & Structures Rehabilitation:
A large variety of concrete repair materials is available in our stores, such as non-shrinkage grouts and epoxy grouts manufactured by Vandex® (Switzerland), Romex® (Germany) and Dr.Fixit® (UAE).
We offer concrete structures rehabilitation services, for old buildings and damaged structures. These works are done by different strengthening means such as shotcrete, injection and structural elements jacketing.