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The Electrical Division is a fundamental section in Al Hamra as it does not only serve the company's projects, but extends its services to work with most of Kuwait's construction companies to execute electrical works for their contracts.
Al Hamra is currently classified by Kuwait's Central Tenders Committee (CTC) as a Grade 2 contractor for electrical works and is in the process of upgrading its classification to Grade 1, taking into consideration that there was no Grade 1 classification category for electrical works in CTC prior to 2014.
The Division executes most, if not all, projects of the company in Kuwait and Iraq acquiring an extensive experience in high, medium, low voltage and smart systems. The Division embraces a group of highly experienced engineers and foremen in the electrical work domain with a broad know-how in coordination of work between electro-mechanical services and civil works. The Procurement Department back-bones the electrical works execution team by presenting competitive prices for specified materials to our clients and ensuring a timely delivery schedule to site location.
The prestigious Salhiya Complex and the Meridian Hotel are just a few of the magnitudes and standards of work the Division is used to undertake. Activities being performed by the Division are always essential and pivotal to the construction industry in Kuwait which makes Al Hamra a common denominator for many big scale projects (refer to electrical projects photo gallery for more information)
 Installation of complete Substation including electrical switchgears, HT/LT Panels and Transformers: 
 Power Generating and Synchronizing Systems:
 UPS Systems:
Bus Duct and Cable Tray Installation:
 Panel Board and Distribution Board Systems:

 Lighting Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Public Address and Evacuation Systems:
CCTV Systems:
Building Management System (BMS) and IP Protocol: